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Law of the Jungle: Tonga (정글의 법칙)
Hye-bin once again joins the show for its 24th installment and fights for survival on Tonga.
Status: Airing

Beauty Station The Show (뷰티스테이션 더쇼)
Hye-bin is the MC of this weekly Korean beauty and fashion show for young women alongside SPICA's Park Na-rae.
Status: Currently Airing

Legend of a Mermaid (인어전설)
In her fourth feature film, Hye-bin plays synchronized swimming athlete Yeong-joo who starts a new life on Jeju.
Status: Post-Production

Our Dating History (우리 연애의 이력)
In Hye-bin's first movie in over 10 years, she will star as popular actress Woo Yeon-i. Production for this romantic comedy started in late March 2015.
Status: Post-Production
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Heavenly Bin is a non-profit fansite dedicated to Korean celebrity Jeon Hye-bin (전혜빈), completely unofficial, and has no affiliation with Jeon Hye-bin herself, her management or anyone around her. This site is run by a dedicated German fan.

New Beauty Station The Show episodes airing soon + Massive Photo and Video Update

▪ Before we start with today’s updates: Happy New (Lunar) Year Greetings from Hye-Bin in this Instagram video! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

▪ New episodes of Beauty Station The Show (뷰티스테이션 더쇼) with start airing this Tuesday, February 16th. Jeon Hye-bin will once again be the main MC of the format. Former co-host Park Na-rae from K-Pop combo SPICA will be replaced by singer Nicole. Dong-hyun will remain as another co-host. See two trailers for the new episodes below. I have also updated the Beauty Station The Show Promo Gallery with 22 images. To access the gallery, click on the Beauty Station The Show poster below.

▪ BB Mask LED Skin Care has upped five videos with Jeon Hye-bin to their Youtube Channel. Check the videos below for a photoshoot behind-the-scenes, a commercial, an interview, a user guide video, and a picture slideshow. You can also find those videos in our video section.

Also one update to the BB Mask LED Skin Care gallery:

▪ Arena and NamooActors have posted some new images from the Arena Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Photoshoot. First three images are good quality. The other ones are low quality previews… therefore I have not added them to the gallery yet.

▪ 4 B-cut images added to SOL:RX Cosmetics China gallery:

▪ 4 B-cut images added to Beauty+ Korea 04/2015 gallery:

▪ 3 images added to Singles Korea 07/2015 gallery:

▪ 1 image added to The Celebrity 02/2015 gallery:

▪ 1 image added to Victoria Korea – Sweden Egg Pack Photoshoot gallery:

▪ 12 images added to SURE / Thank You “Pet Lovers” gallery:

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