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Law of the Jungle: Tonga (정글의 법칙)
Hye-bin once again joins the show for its 24th installment and fights for survival on Tonga.
Status: Airing

Beauty Station The Show (뷰티스테이션 더쇼)
Hye-bin is the MC of this weekly Korean beauty and fashion show for young women alongside SPICA's Park Na-rae.
Status: Currently Airing

Legend of a Mermaid (인어전설)
In her fourth feature film, Hye-bin plays synchronized swimming athlete Yeong-joo who starts a new life on Jeju.
Status: Post-Production

Our Dating History (우리 연애의 이력)
In Hye-bin's first movie in over 10 years, she will star as popular actress Woo Yeon-i. Production for this romantic comedy started in late March 2015.
Status: Post-Production
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Law of the Jungle Tonga with Jeon Hye-bin kicks off on 4th March

The 24th installment of the SBS show Law of the Jungle (정글의 법칙) with Jeon Hye-bin will air its first episode on 4th March, 10pm Korean Standard Time. As reported previously, Hye-bin’s travel takes her to Tonga and also features celebrities such as Seo Kang-jun, MADTOWN’s Jota, Go Se-won, Hong Yoon-hwa, AOA’s Seolhyeon, 2PM’s Chansun, and obviously Kim Byung-man.

Law of the Jungle is a reality-docu in which Korean celebrities fight to survive in the wilderness of lesser populated, exotic places. It is currently running in its fourth season. Previously, Jeon Hye-bin could be seen as regular in the second season of the variety show where she proved to be a tough survivalist on Madagascar. She also appeared as guest in the 100th episode on Borneo and the 2012 Seollal Special on Palawan Island.

SBS recently has dropped some low quality teasers (a few showing Jeon Hye-bin after some diving) which you can find below:

Of course we will deliver some updates once the show has aired.

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