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Law of the Jungle: Tonga (정글의 법칙)
Hye-bin once again joins the show for its 24th installment and fights for survival on Tonga.
Status: Airing

Beauty Station The Show (뷰티스테이션 더쇼)
Hye-bin is the MC of this weekly Korean beauty and fashion show for young women alongside SPICA's Park Na-rae.
Status: Currently Airing

Legend of a Mermaid (인어전설)
In her fourth feature film, Hye-bin plays synchronized swimming athlete Yeong-joo who starts a new life on Jeju.
Status: Post-Production

Our Dating History (우리 연애의 이력)
In Hye-bin's first movie in over 10 years, she will star as popular actress Woo Yeon-i. Production for this romantic comedy started in late March 2015.
Status: Post-Production
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Heavenly Bin is a non-profit fansite dedicated to Korean celebrity Jeon Hye-bin (전혜빈), completely unofficial, and has no affiliation with Jeon Hye-bin herself, her management or anyone around her. This site is run by a dedicated German fan.


Although Jeon Hye-bin is most famous for being an actress nowadays, one should not underestimate the importancy of her musical career. In 2002, Hye-bin made her debut in the entertainment industry as member of an all-girl K-Pop combo called Luv. The success of their first single Orange Girl opened her the door to an successful musical solo career under her stage name Bin. Due to her newly-gained fame and reputation in the industry, Hye-bin was also offered roles in movies and television dramas.


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Jeon Hye-bin’s Discography

Bin – In My Fantasy
(Jeon Hye-bin’s first solo album)

EMI Music Korea Ltd.
Release Date: September 23, 2005

Track List:
1. Bin-go (3:19)
2. 2 A.M (2:00am) (3:36)
3. Why (3:20)
4. 반지 (3:35)
5. 달을 삼킨 밤 (3:20)
6. Mr. Crazy (3:51)
7. Pinky (3:45)
8. See Ya Latae (3:51)
9. Back of Mind (3:20)
10. Club (3:34)
11. 2 A.M (2:00am) [M.R] (3:34)

Album Information:
In My Fantasy is Jeon Hye-bin’s first and only solo studio album, released under her stage name Bin. It follows her 2003 single Love Somebody and is a beat-heavy pop music disc which features a number of rap passages by Tyfoon, supacool, Master Chang, J.ho and Chris. The songs 2 A.M (2:00am) and Bin-go were put out as singles, however received no physical release. A music video for 2 A.M (2:00am) was produced and released. In late 2005, Jeon Hye-bin performed the song live on different television music formats, such as Music Core, M!Countdown, and Show Music Tank. The song became very popular and gained a lot of public attention – mostly because of the sexual and suggestive lyrics and dance routine performed by Hye-bin. This resulted in a much tamer presentation of the follow-up single Bin-go. Hye-bin quit the music industry shortly after that to focus on her acting career.

Album Credits:
Executive Producer: Cho Gyoo-man (조규만) – Produced by: Hwang Se-jun (황세준) – All mixed by: Jang Gwang-ho (양광호) (except 달을 삼킨 밤 – Jeong Mu-kyeong (정무경)) – Engineer: Jang Gwang-ho (양광호) – Assistant engineer: Lee Dae-ho (이대호), Ko Dong-shik (고동식) – A&R direction / coordination: Cho Jun-young (조준영) – Recorded & mixed at Manee Studio, Yellowbird Studio – Mastered by: Jun-hun (전훈) at Sonic Korea – Photography: Jang Seok-jun (장석준) – Art direction & design: Pu Hyeok-gi (부혁기) – Stylist: Choi Hee-seon (최희선) – Management: Kim Byeong-seon (김병선), Lee Ju-hong (이주홍), Jang Won-beom (장원범), Shim Hwa-seop (심화섭), Kang Jong-wan (강종완), Seo Dae-seong (서대성) – Online promotion: Kim Ji-suk (김지숙), Lee Se-hee (이세희)


Song lyrics and credits

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Bin – Love Somebody
(Single CD)

C&C Media, F&J Entertainment Group
Release Date: July 31, 2003

Track List:
1. Love Somebody (3:03)
2. 입술 (3:31)
3. Love Somebody (Instrumental) (3:03)
4. 입술 (Instrumental) (3:31)

Album Information:
Love Somebody is the first musical release by Jeon Hye-bin after the disbanding of the K-Pop group LUV. The CD is also her first solo project. It features the two songs Love Somebody and 입술. A music video for the first song was produced and released. The single was also sold together with Bin’s Diet Dance Video.

Album Credits:
Executive Producer: First & Jeong Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. – Producer: Jeong Hae-ik – Music Producer: Lee Soo-yong – Mastering Studio: Sonic Korea – Mastering Engineer: Cheon Hoon – Artist Management: Sim Hwa-sun – Fan Club Promotor: Lee Eun-young – Sales Promoter: Kim Yu-mi – Stylist: Kim Woo-ri – Coordinator: Song Eun-young, Shin Hee-young, Park Ju-hyun – Make-up & Hair: Park Hyun-jung – Photographer: Choi Young-chul – Music video director: Kim Sol-mae – Music video producer: Kim Hyun-su – Art Direction & Design: Kay / Moo, Kang Min-hyoung (at SW) – Printed by: Myung Jin Art


Song lyrics and credits

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